Mediation is a means of resolving disputes by bringing in a third party, a mediator, to see whether or not the parties to a dispute can solve their differences without the risk and expense of going to court.  It is a voluntary process, so no one has to commit to a solution unless they feel it is in their best interests.

We always explore mediation as an option with our clients and have had great success with it.  It is cost effective and has been benefit of being swift and confidential.  Mediation is appropriate in almost any type of dispute, so long as the parties are realistic and willing to compromise.  Sometimes there is no option but to go to court, but it is more than likely that a dispute can be best resolved by means of a confidential mediation.  

Our solicitors are very experienced at mediations.  Our view is that it is very important that the parties appoint an appropriate mediator; particularly one who has experience of that type of dispute; and we have mediators we can recommend based in or around Harrogate or nationally.  We can guide you through the process and seek to negotiate the best possible result for you.