Charity law

We have considerable expertise in charity law, and have acted for charities ranging from small, local unincorporated organisations to large international ones.  We work with charities on a day to day basis and are confident that we can assist you in the running of your organisation and in relation to issues that sometimes arise, for example where a charity’s trustees fall into dispute. 

The field is increasingly regulated and we commonly find that trustees might not necessarily realise precisely what their duties are.  Despite having the best of intentions, they might be unsure how best to exercise their powers or realise they can potentially be personally liable for their actions.  Also the charity’s trustees might not be aware that certain procedures have to be followed through if they are to be compliant with the Charity Commission’s guidelines.  We can guide you through the process.   

This is a specialist field and we are confident that we can assist you whether you are a trustee of a small local Harrogate charity, or a full time CEO or trustee of an international charity.  In accordance with the best practice of the vast majority of charities, we strive to keep our overheads low and can accordingly offer our very experienced solicitors at highly competitive rates.  We pride ourselves on a professional and yet personal service.